“learning how to code is like learning a super power in today’s world,”

Why Every Millennial Should Learn Some Code Technology is everywhere Thousands of companies across industries are relying on technology to power their business operations. “I can’t think of any company that doesn’t have technology embedded in their operations in some shape or form,” says Evan Leong, cofounder of Fount. Regardless of your specific role, he believes learning …

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Learning Computer Science from Early Age

Belajar coding & computer science dianggap sebagai keharusan seperti belajar membaca, menulis, & berhitung. Sekolah-sekolah di Palo Alto, daerah Silicon Valley di Amerika, akan membuat kurikulum khusus untuk mencakup pelajaran computer science dari kelas TK – SMA. http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/2017/03/09/committee-to-explore-k-12-computer-science-curriculum-for-palo-alto  

Scratch Day at KodeKiddo

Ikuti!!! Acara gratis Scratch Day di KodeKiddo – Coding School for Kids. Untuk anak-anak umur 7-15 tahun. Scratch Day adalah perayaan hari ulang tahun program Scratch yang dikembangkan oleh universitas MIT di Amerika. Dalam acara ini anak-anak bisa mencoba coding dan membuat program dengan Scratch. Hasil karya bisa berupa digital storybook, music program, animasi, online …

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KiddoStem Lab

This week, the first activity that kiddos did at KiddoStem Lab was to make playdough. They had fun having their hands dirty while mixing the dough. After the dough is done, they used their imagination to create shapes and objects. Playdough play has many benefits for kiddos such as: Fine Motor Skill Development Calming and soothing …

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Kodekiddo Will Be in Jakarta & Bandung

Great News!!! Kodekiddo is getting closer to you!!! We will open 2 new places in West Jakarta and Bandung. Check out for the locations below: Kodekiddo Jakarta Rukan Taman Permata Buana Jl. Pulau Bira Raya Blok B9/23 Jakarta Barat Kodekiddo Bandung Jl. Pager Gunung no. 13 Bandung

Join Us in Hour of Code

ISI LIBURAN DENGAN KEGIATAN PINTAR!! Anak umur 7 – 14 tahun bisa ikut acara ini. Ayuk anak Indonesia jangan ketinggalan trend global untuk belajar programming. “The Hour of Code is a global movement to provide one-hour introduction to computer science and programming, reaching students in hundreds of countries.” Dalam acara ini anak-anak menggunakan laptop dan …

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