CoderZ Sprint Challenge 2021 Results

It’s Official: CoderZ’s Sprint Challenge ended on 31 March 2021.

CoderZ is a Virtual Cyber Robotics Competition using blockly and Python to control the 3D robot in solving various missions.

The kiddos have competed in dozens of challenges, mastered the art of coding, and worked as a team throughout March 2021.

We couldn’t be prouder. The challenges were not easy and sometime the kiddos were stuck and frustated and ran out of time. As part of this journey they learned to use their logical thinking, creativity to find the solutions, and preseverance to keep trying.

This is the first year KodeKiddo participated in CoderZ Challenge, with 18 teams of kiddos register on these two levels:

  • Level Novice : for SD – SMP kiddos with no or minimum experience in robotics / coding
  • Level Junior : for SD – SMP kiddos with some experience in Cyber Robotics 101 | FIRST LEGO League (FLL)

Congratulations for all the teams who made it to the top levels. Since we signed up under KodeKiddo headquarter in Palo Alto, our kiddos were competing against the teams from all over California!

Thank you for your participation! We’ll see you next time.

More info, visit our page:

Some detail from the top rated teams:

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Grok Learning NCSS Coding Competition 2021 Results

Congratulations for all the kiddos who made it to the leader board as the top performers for Grok Learning NCSS Challenge in February 2021!

The NCSS Challenge is a programming competition using Blockly and Python open for all school students from all of the countries. The competition ran for about 5 weeks from February to March 2021, when the kiddos completed a set of challenges every week.

All kiddos who participated in this challenge receive a certificate with the criteria based on the following results:

< 50%Participation
85-99%High Distinction
100%Perfect Score

Contact each of the KodeKiddo center or download your certificates here:

Super Congrats for the kiddos who got Perfect Score!! This shows your solid understanding and extra efforts you put into completing this competition.

For the kiddos who have not received Perfect Score, don’t worry! There is another chance in November for similar competition. Your Grok Learning account is also valid until December 2021. Keep on learning!

Sample certificates from each level:

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Collaboration of KodeKiddo & UNIKA Soegijapranata

Apakah Acara GecoFest Coding Competition Ini?

GecoFest Coding Competition adalah sebuah kompetisi coding berskala nasional yang diadakan oleh Fakultas Sistem Informasi UNIKA Soegijapranata secara online pada tahun ini. Ini adalah tahun ke 3 GECOFEST diadakan dengan melibatkan KODEKIDDO (Coding Course for Kids). Event ini dapat diikuti oleh seluruh siswa-siswi SD sampai SMA di seluruh Indonesia. Platform yang akan digunakan diantaranya yaitu MIT App Inventor, Scratch dan Pictoblox.

Untuk Kategori SD dan SMP kalian dapat memilih Scratch atau Pictoblox. Untuk kategori SMA dapat menggunakan MIT App Inventor.


Berikut ini merupakan beberapa tema yang dikelompokkan berdasarkan jenjang, yaitu: 

  1. Elementary/Primary (SD) and Junior/Secondary High (SMP) 
    1. Humanity
      • Know Yourself by Your Personality
    2. Nature
      • Environmental Conservation
    3. Healthy
      • Identify the Dangers of Covid-19 Simply
      • How to Take Precautions in the New Normal 
  2. Senior High (SMA) 
    1. Humanity
      • Maintaining unity amid issues that trigger division
    2. Nature
      • The high risk of natural disasters
    3. Healthy
      • Introduction and Prevention of Covid-19
      • How to Do Activities in the New Normal


Beberapa ketentuan yang perlu diperhatikan terkait development tools yang akan digunakan oleh peserta, antara lain

  1. Android Mobile App : MIT App Inventor
  2. Scratch projects : Scratch Visual Code
  3. Artificial Intelligence   : PictoBlox


15 Maret – 2 April 2021         : Registrasi

3 April 2021                            : Technical Meeting

4 – 10 April 2021                    : Pengumpulan Project

14 April 2021                          : Pengumuman Finalis

17 April 2021                          : Presentasi Program

18 April 2021                          : Pengumuman Pemenang


  1. Menggunakan platform MIT App Inventor, Scratch dan Pictoblox
  2. Peserta diharuskan membuat proyek berbasis 2D Game sesuai dengan tema.
  3. Peserta diharuskan memberikan penanda komentar dalam setiap bagian koding yang mereka buat. Semakin mudah dipahami semakin mempertinggi penilaian. 
  4. Peserta wajib menggunakan variabel serta fungsi dengan kata-kata dari bahasa Indonesia atau bahasa Inggris dengan jelas untuk mempermudah juri memahami alur codingnya. 

Pendamping diharuskan mendokumentasikan proses pembuatan project tersebut selama sebulan dalam bentuk foto dan video berdurasi sekitar 2 menit yang mencakup liputan proses pembuatan project.   


Biaya registrasi Rp 50ribu

Rekening BCA 3530572900
a.n. Levina Cahyono

Link registrasi:

Contact Person:

+62 812-2890-0031 (Victor)

+62 895-4154-51428 (Mala)

CoderZ League – Virtual Robot Challenge

Apakah Acara CoderZ Ini?

CoderZ League ( adalah kompetisi global untuk robot virtual dimana kiddos dapat belajar tentang STEM, robotics dan coding, untuk mengasah ketrampilan di bidang teknologi. CoderZ dengan cloud-based platform, dapat diakses oleh kiddos dari berbagai negara untuk coding dan simulasi robot 3D virtual.

KodeKiddo ikut mengundang Indonesia kiddos untuk berpartisipasi di acara CoderZ League Sprint Challenge yang akan berlangsung di bulan Maret 2021.

Ada 3 Level yang bisa dipilih:

  • Level Novice : untuk peserta SD – SMP yang belum ada pengalaman dengan robotics / coding
  • Level Junior : untuk peserta SD – SMP dengan pengalaman Cyber Robotics 101 | FIRST LEGO League (FLL) atau coding lainnya.
  • Level Pro : untuk anak SMA. Coding menggunakan Blockly atau Python

More info, visit our page:

Codeavour 2020: Results

The results are out from Codeavour 2020.
International Online Coding & AI Competition from Stempedia.

Good job for all the kiddos who participated!

You all put excellent efforts to learn a new thing about Artificial Intelligence and applied it to your projects in PictoBlox.

Special mention for Benjamin Joseph Lie from Ambarawa (KodeKiddo Semarang) who won the Best Game category. Way to go, Ben!

You can see his video presentation in his own YouTube channel:

Participating in a event like this will train you to be an good global citizen. Competing against kids from various countries, communicating your ideas in a clear way.

See the complete result on:

Video presentations from all KodeKiddo kiddos in this KodeKiddo – Codevour Playlist:

Enjoy some of the presentations here:

More information about the event & information in bahasa Indonesia, visit the webpage:

For participants, you can download your certificates from your dashboard in Codeavour website, or from this Google drive.

Imagine Cup Junior 2021 – Competition for SMP-SMA


  • Imagine Cup Junior ( is a global technology challenge for students aged 13-18, organized by Microsoft.
  • Students dream up a technology idea that will make a difference in the world and compete with other students across the globe. 
  • The 2021 challenge is focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good
  • This theme is very relevant to Indonesia’s recent focus on AI with the publication of Indonesia National AI Strategy in November 2020.
  • Note that this is not a technical coding competition, but more of a design thinking competition. The deliverable is not a software product, but a presentation about idea and solutions using AI technologies.

More info, visit our page:

WebComp October 2020 Results Web Design Competition

Thank you for participating in the October 2020 edition of Web.Comp! We hope your kiddos enjoyed it.

Over the past five weeks your kiddos have been learning web design along with students all over the world. People were participating in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom, just to name a few!

Web.Comp is web competition for school students that was organized by Grok Learning for students all over the world. It’ll teach kiddos how to build a website as we go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already.

While doing Web.Comp, kiddo will learn HTML/CSS and JS, the powerful building blocks needed to build a website from scratch. Learning to write HTML/CSS and JS by hand gives you full control over the look and interactivity of your site, so you can implement your web designs exactly as you imagined them!

The kiddos could choose level Beginner, Intermediate, or Advance. So proud to see that most of the kiddos were able to achieve the perfect scores.

All kiddos who participated in this challenge will receive your certificates. See some examples from kiddos who received Perfect Score. Good Job!!

Ask your KodeKiddo center for your certificate or download them from the links above.

Bebras Challenge 2020 Results

Congratulations for another good result from KodeKiddo kiddos in Bebras Challenge USA!!!

Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Informatics (Computer Science, or Computing) and computational thinking among school students. It is the basis for coding and programming.

The Bebras Computing Challenge is organized in over 30 countries and designed to get students from all over the world excited about computing.

Each participant gets 45 minutes to answer 15 multiple-choice questions that focus on computational and logical thinking.

The challenges were delivered in KodeKiddo classes between Nov 7 – 27, 2020.

The kiddos did very well!!

  • Over 800 KodeKiddo students participated in this competition from more than 25 KodeKiddo centers as well as at the schools that have partnership with KodeKiddo for their coding program.
  • 17 kiddos got “Best in School” achievement with 15 of them achieving perfect scores!

Extra thumbs up for these kiddos who got the Best in School!!!

LevelNameLast NameScoreNote
Kits (6-8)JasonHaruman108Perfect score!
Kits (6-8)KeonaNethania Puthera108Perfect score!
Kits (6-8)MarvelRenjiro108Perfect score!
Kits (6-8)Christopher DennisShanahan108Perfect score!
Kits (6-8)Mandala Kalvin HamoraSitinjak108Perfect score!
Kits (6-8)AnneSusanto108Perfect score!
Kits (6-8)SamudraSutendi108Perfect score!
Castors (8-10)Damarent AnezkaAthallah144Perfect score!
Castors (8-10)Abde SyahputraCautzar144Perfect score!
Castors (8-10)Caleb GavinChiarief144Perfect score!
Castors (8-10)KayserHwang144Perfect score!
Castors (8-10)Maxwell WaltonWu144Perfect score!
Castors (8-10)Imanuel PristaleonYoko144Perfect score!
Benjamins (10-12)RafaelFrans180Perfect score!
Cadets (12-14)Gerald AureliusPanenthe180Perfect score!
Juniors (14-16)Hugo NathanaelYuwono148
Seniors (16-18)Gabriel AbhisekaPaksi76

All the kiddos who participated in this event get a certificate from the Bebras Challenge US Committee. Example of the Certificates for some of our kiddos who got the perfect score.

All KodeKiddo participants certificates and results can be downloaded here:

Link to Download Certificates

Link to Official Bebras Challenge 2020 Results

IKCC – International Kids Coding Competition 2020

International Kids Coding Competition (, specific only for Scratch projects!

Saving our planet from a deadly virus!
You can make any kind of project with Scratch

Start registration: September 1, 2020
End registration: September 30, 2020
Submit projects until: October 31, 2020
Winners announcement: November 15, 2020

Submission from Indonesia kiddos:

Lots of great projects have been submitted by our kiddos. Check them out at this webpage:

Codeavour 2020: AI & Coding Competition for Kids

“Codeavour 2020” ( is the biggest online AI & Coding Competition for Kids. This event is organized by the StemPedia and opens for kiddos age 7 – 17 yro from all over the world.

KodeKiddo is inviting all Indonesian kiddos to participate in this event. We have Special Class to learn more about this topic AI for kids and Pictoblox platform.

More information about the event & information in bahasa Indonesia: visit the webpage: