IKCC – International Kids Coding Competition 2020

International Kids Coding Competition (https://www.ikcc.info/), specific only for Scratch projects!

Saving our planet from a deadly virus!
You can make any kind of project with Scratch

Start registration: September 1, 2020
End registration: September 30, 2020
Submit projects until: October 31, 2020
Winners announcement: November 15, 2020

Submission from Indonesia kiddos:

Lots of great projects have been submitted by our kiddos. Check them out at this webpage: https://kodekiddo.com/ikcc2020

Codeavour 2020: AI & Coding Competition for Kids

“Codeavour 2020” (https://codeavour.org/) is the biggest online AI & Coding Competition for Kids. This event is organized by the StemPedia and opens for kiddos age 7 – 17 yro from all over the world.

KodeKiddo is inviting all Indonesian kiddos to participate in this event. We have Special Class to learn more about this topic AI for kids and Pictoblox platform.

More information about the event & information in bahasa Indonesia: visit the webpage: https://kodekiddo.com/codeavour2020/