KodeFiesta 2019 Winner Announcement


The top three winners of the Scratch Coding Competition – Kode Fiesta 2019 have been selected.

You have made a project worthy of being one of the best projects from coders all over Indonesia.

Below are the nine winning teams (top three in each age category): 

Elementary A (1st – 3rd grade)

First winner

  • Team Name : Bagas
  • Child Name : I Gusti Ngurah Bagas Arya Nugraha
  • Project Name : Bagas Kode Fiesta
  • Theme : Climate Warrior
  • Coach Name : Dandy Alfikri
  • City : Denpasar
  • Comment : Loved the various backdrops, the dialogue, and the animation of the characters: smokes, putting away trash

Second winner

  • Team Name : Dayu Ami
  • Child Name : Ida Ayu Tanaya Mahalakshmi
  • Project Name : Traveling Dayu Ami
  • Theme : Global Citizen
  • Coach Name : Abdul Halim Alhady
  • City : Denpasar
  • Comment : Good to see how you learned about lots of things during your travel. Very informational!

Third winner

  • Team Name : Yes I Can
  • Child Name : Eugene Lionel Garda Patria
  • Project Name : Scratch Project Eugene
  • Theme : Climate Healthy Body
  • Coach Name : Agnes
  • City : Jogja
  • Comment : Interactive game that teaches about balanced food. Required lots of tries before getting the winning combination.

Elementary B (4th – 6th grade)

First winner

  • Team Name : Jose
  • Child Name : Jose Alvaro Darmasetia
  • Project Name : Jose Kode Fiesta Project
  • Theme : Climate Warrior
  • Coach Name : Kenny
  • City : Jakarta
  • Comment : Very interactive game with good background story and message: reducing, recycling, and even make money.

Second winner

  • Team Name : Hugo the Dog
  • Child Name : Meagan Lee
  • Project Name : Healthy Body & 
  • Healthy Mind
  • Theme : Healthy Body
  • Coach Name : John Amadeo Daniswara
  • City : Jakarta
  • Comment : Very personalized story with custom sound recording. Added bonus for interactivity from the drinking water & walking.

Third winner

  • Team Name : Guesteam
  • Child Name : I Gusti Lanang Dhirendra Dwiputra Widyantara
  • Project Name : Lanang Kode Fiesta
  • Theme : Climate Warrior
  • Coach Name : I Wayan Eka Arta Wibawa
  • City : Denpasar
  • Comment : Four different games with multi levels. Fun to play. Love the background music!

Junior high (7th – 9th grade)

First winner

  • Team Name : Omega KodeKiddo Solo
  • Child Name : Pannayaka Janggleng, Dylan Sean Chiarief
  • Project Name : Omega Warrior
  • Theme : Climate Warrior
  • Coach Name : Guruh Nusantara
  • City : Solo
  • Comment : Love the custom sprites! The game is fun. The joke about next level is also funny.

Second winner

  • Team Name : Devlin Mikha
  • Child Name : Devlin Mikha Dharmawan
  • Project Name : Kodekiddo_Devlin
  • Theme : Climate Warrior
  • Coach Name : Irma Ayu
  • City : Jakarta
  • Comment : Fun play with. Love the many backdrops with detail & mini games on each scenario.

Third winner

  • Team Name : doggostudios
  • Child Name : Stefan Natanael Kencana
  • Project Name : Earth project Stefan
  • Theme : Climate Warrior
  • Coach Name : I Wayan Eka Arta Wibawa
  • City : Denpasar
  • Comment : Very original idea! Engaging game that needs strategy thinking and math.

The top two teams are invited to attend the KiddoHack 2019 in Jakarta, present your projects, and awarded their prize there.

Please reply to this email by Wednesday, August 7, 2019 to confirm your attendance. Travel expenses (up to Rp 3,000,000 per team) are covered by the organizer (receipt required).

Detail about KiddoHack event can be found here: https://kodekiddo.com/kiddohack2019/

The third-place winners will get a surprise prize in the mail.

We have been so impressed by all the great examples of creative storytelling, design thinking, teamwork and perseverance with coding in this competition.

Thank you to all of our KodeFiesta teams, their support teams (i.e. parents), and of course their wonderful and dedicated coaches.  

We will share all the projects, videos, and complete story from KodeFiesta 2019 for in our Blog in the next few weeks. Stay Tune! All the submitted projects are available in this Scratch Studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/25027681/