KiddoHack 2019

What is this event?

Code, Collab, Create

This is an event to celebrate coding for kids. KiddoHack is a mini hackathon for kids. In four hours this Saturday, kiddos will do:

  • Build a team of two people
  • Select a theme to work on
  • Come up with a software idea for the theme
  • Code the program on the selected platform
  • Interact and learn from the mentors and other teams
  • Test your Computational Thinking skills in a fun quiz
  • Get an opportunity to present your program and win prizes!

Saturday, August 10, 2019
9:00 – 13:00

Ruang Komunal Indonesia by Facebook Jln. Surdiman kav. 52-53, Jakarta

Can’t come to Jakarta? Join the online coding competition instead. Check out KodeFiesta 2019.

We aim to encourage kids not just learning to code but also coding to learn.
We believe coding represents a new form of literacy—a tool for people to express themselves and can be use to deliver any kind of subject areas. 

The big theme this year is “Telling Your Story with Code”

With Theme Options:

  • Global citizen: How can tech bring cultures together?
  • Climate warrior: How can tech help reducing climate change?
  • Healthy body healthy mind: How to lead a healthy lifestyle with technology’s help?

And Selection of Platforms for Each Age Group:

  • Grade 2 – 4 : Scratch or Minecraft
  • Grade 5 – 6 : Scratch or Minecraft
  • Grade 7-9 : MIT App Inventor or HTML
  • Grade 10-12 : MIT App Inventor or HTML or Android Studio

Registration is closed. Leave your email and WA #in the Contact US to get notification for the next event

Mentors and Judges:

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