WeCode Competition

This year, several KodeKiddo kiddos participated in WeCode Coding Competition 2019.
WeCode is a multi-tiered programming competition organised by Eduspec Holdings Berhad.
This event is hosted by a different Country Partner every year. For 2019, WeCode International is hosted by China.

This competition is open to all primary and secondary students; aged 7 to 18 years old. Students have to produce an original creation of either a game, interactive story or mobile app. Students who qualify will join the international competition to compete against other students from all around the world.


  • To nurture 21st Century skills among students
  • To promote Computational Thinking
  • To encourage Problem-Solving Skills
  • To stimulate students’ interest in coding and STEAM
  • To instill independent learning skills to students through researching the theme and mission​

Congratulations to our kiddos from KodeKiddo Dago Bandung and KodeKiddo Denpasar who had achieved these top places in WeCode Indonesia Coding Competition!

Kategori Apprentice (kelas 1-3)
Top 1: I Gusti Ngurah Bagas Arya Nugraha
(High Scope Bali – KodeKiddo Dps)
Top 2: Ida Ayu Tanaya Mahalakshmi (sekolah CHIS – KodeKiddo Denpasar)
Top 3: Adriel Darius Tambunan (BPK Penabur Banda – KodeKiddo Dago)
Top 5: Regina Karen Joe (BPK Penabur Banda – KodeKiddo Dago)

Kategori Advanced (kelas 4-6)

Top 2 : Priscilla Veni Aprier (BPK Penabur Banda – KodeKiddo Dago)
Top 3 : Reagan Moses Trijoso (BPK Penabur Banda – KodeKiddo Dago)
Top 5 : Emily Nathania Wijaya (BPK Penabur Banda – KodeKiddo Dago)

Kategori Expert (SMP)
Top 3: Ezra Maranatha Sianturi (SMPK1 Bandung – KodeKiddo Dago)