Web-Comp 2019

Web.Comp is a web competition for school students that was organized by Grok Learning for students all over the world. It’ll teach you how to build a website as we go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already.

Why learn web design? Every time you use the web, you’re seeing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Creating a website is one of the most useful technical skills you can learn.

Web.Comp teaches you HTML/CSS and JS, the powerful building blocks needed to build a website from scratch. Learning to write HTML/CSS and JS by hand gives you full control over the look and interactivity of your site, so you can implement your web designs exactly as you imagined them!

In 2019, we have 72 KodeKiddo students from 10 centers all over Indonesia participated in this competition, together with students from countries all over the world!

Below in an excerpt of the result and sample certificate for one of our kiddos or download the file for the complete result.

In addition to the solving the challenges in the competition, the kiddos also created their own websites using the skills acquired throughout the lesson. Four of our KodeKiddo kiddos websites were selected to be in the LeaderBoard. Extra congratulation !!