Meet the Game Builder: Mardian

One of kiddos is featured in CodeMonkey Blog -

Meet Mardian, a nine-year old boy from Bandung, Indonesia. Mardian has been coding in the program Kodekiddo, where he was introduced to CodeMonkey and its Game Builder. Read on to find out about him game building process.

Being Able To Design And Build My Own Games Makes Me Feel More Accomplished As Now I Can Type Code And Not Drag It!

Links to the game/s you have created:

What was the inspiration behind your game?

I actually didn’t really know what to do, I just tried to make a simple game and then it ended up as a tiger helicopter.

What was your experience like while learning how to build games on CodeMonkey?

It was hard, since this was my first time doing a coding website where you had to type in the code but i got used to it

Did you enjoy the game design courses? if so, why?

Yes, because its more free than the individual levels but still is quite confusing and (in my opinion) is less free than scratch or other block coding websites

How many games did you create?


On average, how long does it take you to complete a game?

45 Mins to 1  Hour

What is one piece of advice you have for those who have not yet created their own games?

Don’t make it perfect, it’s better that way

What do you like to do on your free time?

Draw, play on the iPad, search up random stuff on the computer sometimes read