KodeKiddo at Grok NCSS Competition 2018


This is the second year KodeKiddo  participated in NCSS (National Computer Science School) Challenge, which was held by Grok Learning from July 31st to September 3rd, 2018. The Challenge is a programming competition for elementary – high school students. It’s been running for the last 13 years and is open to all school students and teachers.

Our students entered the Newbies, Beginners, and Intermediate levels. The competition was using Blockly, a drag and drop visual programming language and Python programming language.

Every stream of the NCSS Challenge features:

  • Intelligent automarking and instant feedback
  • Learn to code as you go along (you don’t need to be an expert!)
  • Solve exciting real-world problems
  • Compete against students around the world
  • Online support from expert tutors
  • Earn points to climb the leaderboard

This year, over 70 KodeKiddo students from various KodeKiddo centers (Kelapa Gading, Permata Buana, Gading Serpong, Bandung & Semarang) participated in this competition.

So proud that some of our kiddos made it to the leader boards of each level after completing all the challenges!!!

In the Leader Board for Newbie level:

GS     Christian Gerald
GS      Mariangelic Keshia Manujaya
GS      Julio Tjoe
PB      Jonathan Miguel Tan
DPS    Marvel Satria
DPS    Freya S. Lumunon
DG     Giovanna Cheryl Wu
SMG  M.Enver Avisena
SMG  Danish Ardiyanta
SMG  Vincent Valentino Setiawan

In the Leader Board for Beginner (Blockly) level:

KG     Devlin Mikha Dharmawan
DG     Ioan Evans Leander
DG     Hansel Ernst
DG     Giovanna Cheryl Wu
SMG  Daniel Kurnia

Leader Board for Beginner (Python) level:

PB   Michelle Erine Tan
KG   Devlin Mikha Dharmawan
DG   Ioan Evans Leander
DG   Morteza Muhammad Al Muntadzar
DG   Hansel Ernst
DG   Giovanna Cheryl Wu
DG   Andreas Alexander

Leader Board for Intermediate (Python) level:

GS   Nathanael Setiawan
DG   Juventius Kriswijanarko
DG   Andreas Alexander