Independence Day Scratch Competition: Bandung

To celebrate the Independence Day (August 17, 2017) Kodekiddo Bandung held a coding competition for the Bandung kiddos.

Here are the projects made by the winners. They used the theme related to Indonesian independence and made it into interesting animation & games.

The GIFs are just the preview. Click on each link below to see the whole thing.

jason 17th

Jason made an animation project about games that everyone usually play every year on Independence Day. When you click the green flag (run button) the animation will play and you can hear national anthem as the background sound.

Click here to see the whole animation


This short animation is made by Olive, it tells us about the war between Japanese and Indonesian warrior and Indonesia ended up winning the war.

Click here to see the whole animation


This is a maze game made by Gerald. The game is simple, you need to take the Indonesian ball to the goal which is the yellow circle.

Click here to play the game


William made this scratch animation about a character how burned down Indonesian flag and ended up regretting it.

Click here to see the whole animation