Grok Learning NCSS Coding Competition 2021 Results

Congratulations for all the kiddos who made it to the leader board as the top performers for Grok Learning NCSS Challenge in February 2021!

The NCSS Challenge is a programming competition using Blockly and Python open for all school students from all of the countries. The competition ran for about 5 weeks from February to March 2021, when the kiddos completed a set of challenges every week.

All kiddos who participated in this challenge receive a certificate with the criteria based on the following results:

< 50%Participation
85-99%High Distinction
100%Perfect Score

Contact each of the KodeKiddo center or download your certificates here:

Super Congrats for the kiddos who got Perfect Score!! This shows your solid understanding and extra efforts you put into completing this competition.

For the kiddos who have not received Perfect Score, don’t worry! There is another chance in November for similar competition. Your Grok Learning account is also valid until December 2021. Keep on learning!

Sample certificates from each level:

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