CoderZ Sprint Challenge 2021 Results

It’s Official: CoderZ’s Sprint Challenge ended on 31 March 2021.

CoderZ is a Virtual Cyber Robotics Competition using blockly and Python to control the 3D robot in solving various missions.

The kiddos have competed in dozens of challenges, mastered the art of coding, and worked as a team throughout March 2021.

We couldn’t be prouder. The challenges were not easy and sometime the kiddos were stuck and frustated and ran out of time. As part of this journey they learned to use their logical thinking, creativity to find the solutions, and preseverance to keep trying.

This is the first year KodeKiddo participated in CoderZ Challenge, with 18 teams of kiddos register on these two levels:

  • Level Novice : for SD – SMP kiddos with no or minimum experience in robotics / coding
  • Level Junior : for SD – SMP kiddos with some experience in Cyber Robotics 101 | FIRST LEGO League (FLL)

Congratulations for all the teams who made it to the top levels. Since we signed up under KodeKiddo headquarter in Palo Alto, our kiddos were competing against the teams from all over California!

Extra thumbs up for the 2 teams who achieve excellent results as 2nd and 3rd winners in the Novice Division. You guys rock!!

Thank you for your participation! We’ll see you next time.

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Some detail from the top rated teams:

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