Codeavour 5.0 National Finalist

Codeavour Coding & AI Competition

Codeavour merupakan kompetisi international Artificial Intelligence (AI), coding, dan robotic dari STEMPedia menggunakan platform PictoBlox bagi anak anak berusia 7 – 18 tahun. 

KodeKiddo sebagai Official Exclusive Country Partner dari Codeavour mengadakan kompetisi Codeavour 5th Edition 2023 Indonesia level, yang terdiri dari Regional Round dan National Round. 

10 peserta terpilih akan mewakili indonesia dalam mengikuti Codeavour 5th Edition International Round yang diselenggarakan di Dubai, UEA.

KodeKiddo Country Partner

Codeavour Regional Round

Pada tanggal 25 Feb 2024 kemarin, sebanyak 75 teams peserta Codeavour Coding & AI Competition telah mengikuti babak Regional Round di KodeKiddo Center di berbagai kota di Indonesia secara bersamaan.

Mereka membawa hasil karya mereka yang bagus-bagus, yang juga dipresentasikan di depan para Juri, Orang Tua, Tamu serta perserta lainnya.

Tim Juri Codeavour sangat berterima kasih dan mengapresiasi seluruh peserta Codeavour yang telah ikut dalam event ini. 

Invitation to National Round !!!

Dari hasil perhitungan di berbagai aspek penilaian dan hasil score akhir yang sangat bersaing, berikut adalah Finalis Top 30 dari 3 kategori yang lolos dan masuk ke babak selanjutnya, yaitu National Round.

Elementary Category

nathanael ardhani menang


  1. Gerardus Yohan Ramadean
  2. Nathanael Ardhani Menang

Sustainable STEM Gardening Kits

We began making prototypes using kitchen tools and reusable items, showing our dedication to sustainability right from the start. With simple yet effective methods, we turn food waste into rich compost for gardening. This process is part of our Sustainable STEM Gardening Kits, which involve auto chopping and composting using Arduino, along with auto irrigation using a soil moisture sensor, all designed to make gardening more accessible and eco-friendly. Our goal is to empower individuals of all ages to engage in sustainable practices while enjoying the benefits of gardening, promoting environmental stewardship and education.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Michelle Ivy Mulyono

EFL’s Safety Campaign for Kids

To address the vulnerability of young children during emergencies, the project ‘EFL’s Safety Campaign for Kids’ aims to empower them with essential knowledge in an engaging format. The project focuses on three prevalent situations in Indonesia: earthquakes, home fires, and getting lost. It utilizes the acronym EFL (Earthquake, Fire, Lost) to guide children’s learning. The campaign uses interactive storytelling approach with AI-generated animation characters (Chloe and her pet, Bella), incorporating factual information, and playful games to enhance understanding and safety awareness. The initiative aims to equip young children with the confidence and knowledge to navigate potentially dangerous situations in an accessible and enjoyable manner.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Efad Team


  1. Efraim Tobias Hulbert Sijabat
  2. Ridwan Fadli Aryasatya

Smart Flood Alarm

Floods became the most frequent natural disaster in Indonesia during 2023. It can be caused by accumulated trash, deforestation, and climate change. The floods bring environmental and human damage. So, we designed a smart flood alarm with PictoBlox and Arduino Uno integration as an Early Warning System.
This alarm system is equipped with a water sensor, LED, LCD, and buzzer alarm. The water sensor is used to detect water level. LEDs are used to provide signals with specific colors, green indicates a safe condition, yellow is to prepare for the incoming flood, and red indicates a dangerous level of water. The LCD is used to display text information describing the warning level (Siaga 1 to Siaga 4). The buzzer alarm will sound at a specific water level with alerts for status 2 and 1.
This smart product can help global citizens reduce the impact of floods on human life.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Super S Team


  1. Alexander Santoso
  2. Leonardo Santoso

Melody AI

MAI is about re-imagine new ways to experience the music with coding and AI.

In this project, we are using pictoblox with the AI and ML features to create new experience to play and learn music. We are also creating new personalized music instrument using Arduino.

Just like sand meets sea in the beach..
Through MAI, music meets technology..
To create your music experience.. as easy, fun, beautiful and memorable as your vacation in the beach.

Music is an universal language, where everybody with different languages, different ethnicities, different cultures, different era could be connected. It’s a powerful tools to send messages and express yourself to the whole world in peaceful way.

Hence in this era, where technology is enhancing all aspects of human’s life, we foresee that technology’s contribution in music industry
is still left behind.

Through MAI, we are trying to superimpose music with another subject, such as math, art, paint, emotion, AI and ML with coding.

Link to googleslide presentation :

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Mikhayla Leandra Krisbayu


Planticon is an AI-Machine learning site where people who aspire to be gardening can know the basic of planting while learning more about plants. With this site, you can create, learn, know, and see. Planticon teaches you how to take care and plant your plant properly using specific sentences that are easy to understand.

Planticon not only has one option for you to choose from, but eight various options for you to choose. Plants need more recognition for they give us life, with this AI and Machine-learning site, you can learn about the ways of a plant, how they communicate using their appearances and how to reply back.

Not only does Planticon focus on plants, but yet also their fruits and vegetables, to their nutritional facts and what they are, Planticon has the answers you are looking for.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Alethea Putri Hasian Tampubolon

TFO (Translator for Overseas)

Translator for Overseas is a project for helping people to understand different languages to go to different countries, either for school or work or holiday. The mascot for TFO (Translator for Overseas) is named Thea, which is me in real life but with rainbow highlights (made it to appreciate myself lol). Why did I make this TFO? Because I wanted to help people that have language barriers, like those foreigners living in a country with a language they are not familiar with. It makes studying and communicating harder due to not understanding the main language of the country. I, myself, didn’t understand my main language at all when I was four because of being in an environment. (Made in Indonesia, packaged in the internet :3)

Link project : 

Link Youtube:

Gabriel Arkananta Tutuko

Picto Adventures: Save The Environment (Stop Deforestation)

The game is a story-driven adventure point-and-click game that takes place in a world where deforestation is the main problem.
Deforestation can make lots of bad things happen such as Environmental Impact & Social Impact

But these are not easy things to understand…
especially for kids my age

So I try to explain basic stuff about deforestation…by making this interactive storytelling, animation & game

Tobi is the main character who gave an example of how to stop deforestation by making Green World Organization (and maybe us too in the future)

Now…we can help with daily practices to stop deforestation

My Project is interactive and fun so viewers of all ages can easily understand what is deforestation and learn how to stop it with daily practice.

I add “TO BE CONTINUED” at the end…hopefully, each one of us can continue this epic journey to stop deforestation

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Warren Asher Kwok

Protect The Corpse Flower

The project takes place in an alternate universe where mankind drove several species to extinction! The people in this universe were very, very greedy. they killed of several species for their own benefit. This may seem harmless but can lead to several catastrophes! (For example, Climate change.) The plant in question you’re protecting is called the corpse flower, native to Indonesia, smells like a rotting corpse but can actually be pretty useful. Your goal is to protect the corpse flower from the enemies by strategically placing towers to defend against the hordes of enemies. There will be a total of 18 rounds of enemy waves so fasten your seat belts because we’re going on an adventure!

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Farel Aryasatya Basmalah

Achieving Dream Through Education (Game Macolis)

This project is Game-based Learning with the tagline Achieving Dream Through which I named Game Macolis (Math, coloring, English, and Sciences) which is an abbreviation of the subjects generally found in elementary schools and I applied it in 4 games in this Codevour project. Where in the presentation there is an intro storytelling with a character named Budi (an iconic name in Indonesia). Future dreams will come true with learning facilities that support personal development. One of the learning media is playing games.

Players can click on the subject they want, for the Math subject they are presented with 2 games, namely Game 1: Math Solving Car Race which presents 10 questions. If the answer is correct then there is an encouraging sound effect and there are 10 points for each question and a timer is provided which aims to hone speed and accuracy. in answering questions. Game 2 Arithmetic Frog Race, Players can choose tasks with the symbols +, -, : , and x, there are 10 points for each question and a timer is provided which aims to hone speed and accuracy in answering questions.

For the Coloring subject, there are 5 image choices, Players can change the color according to their creativity by clicking on the selected color and then selecting the part of the image they want to color.

For Subject English, the aim is to help practice speaking by taking turns speaking with the AI by imitating the dialogue that is already available.

For the Subject Science game in the form of a quiz, players must answer 10 questions using a microphone.

These 4 games are very useful for practicing skills in lessons, especially for elementary school children in grade 4. The questions are adapted to the knowledge that I gained in grade 4. Can be played at various ages, anytime, anywhere to get rid of boredom, or when accompanying children to play.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Haidar Tsaqib Kalehananda

Sport Exercises

Sports Exercise is an app that helps people to exercise. In Indonesia, there is a high number of obese people. People in Indonesia are also too lazy to exercise. This project helps make people more healthy. The goal of the project is to make a sports exercise App that is easy to use. This app will help lower the obesity rate in Indonesia. This app will also help increase the stamina of people who use it. This project was made using machine-learning pose detection created from the platform teachable machine. The machine learning detects how many squats or jumping jacks the user did. The resulting number will be valued and some motivational text will appear.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Junior Category

Jotta Alecia Sudharmadi

Smart Aquarium with IOT

My project is about a Smart Aquarium with IOT, with the theme Automate the Surroundings. The sensors I used are a 360˚ servo, DHT11, ESP32 with Shield, Web Cam, 2 batteries and LED Lights . The reason why I made this project is that, when you are away for a long time, no one feeds your fish, it is going to die. The function of the servo is to make the fish feeder move. The function of the DHT11(temperature sensor) is to detect the temperature inside the aquarium whether it’s too cold or hot. The lights are to make the aquarium brighter at night. My fish likes to jump out of the aquarium, so I used the web cam to detect whether the fish is still inside. Since my project uses IOT, it can be turned on from a far distance, using adafruit.

Link project : 

Link Youtube: 

Lionel Timothy

Imash (Intelligent Machine Architecting Sustained Enviornment)

Imash, standing for Intelligent Machine Architecting Sustained Hydration, is an advanced smart system designed to monitor your daily water intake meticulously anytime . It not only tracks the amount of water you drink but also alerts you to potential side effects of dehydration inside your body. This smart dispenser comes equipped with innovative features beyond your imagination, ensuring you stay hydrated in the most efficient way possible. Imash is equipped with Arduino circuit, NLP, AI, and text-to-speech.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

All for Jesus


  1. Vincentius Alvino Louis Gunawan
  2. Haskell Kay Kurniawan
  3. Rodrigo Kenneth Richardo


Vendicine is a machine that detects acne’s, urine and the weather, and is also capable of calculating BMI from speech-to-text input. It will then dispense an item to help with said thing, such as some medicine if the user has an acne or give tips on how to stay healthy during certain weather.

We used the Lego EV3 hardware for movement and detection and picked the Automating the Surroundings & Strengthen the Health Infrastructure theme.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Benjamin Joseph Lie


Theme: Revolutionize the Agriculture

Project Name : AgriForecast

Background :
Regeneration process among farmers around the world is concerning, as there are fewer and fewer young farmers due to agriculture being perceived as unenticing, as well as factors such as lack of experience and access to capital, land and market opportunities.

Agriculture is associated with working for so long under the hot sun, dealing with mud, and facing the risk of harvest failure. Moreover, with the current situation, global warming changes the weather and temperature, a manual approach is more difficult to be applied.

Our Project :
AgriForecast is an AI-based project that can make accurate predictions on agriculture harvests. This project will help young and inexperienced farmers get a better picture of what to expect from their crops.

This project can serve as a simulation to determine which kind of crops are more profitable to plant based on several influencing factors. AgriForecast uses Machine Learning with Regression method to predict harvests based on
Location (country).
Types of crops.
Average Annual Rainfall (mm/year)
Average Annual Temperature (in celcius)
Fertilizer Consumption per year (in tonnes)
Pesticide Consumption per year (in tonnes)

Link project :

Link Youtube:


Alif Pradani


Lithopia is one and only application about lithop, an application created as a guide for plant enthusiasts, especially for lithop desert plant enthusiasts. Lithop is currently a popular ornamental plant among plant lovers. However, it turns out that taking care of this plant is noteasy, especially for beginners. In this application, users can find out everything about lithop, including how to care them, identifying its problems using AI, monitoring gardens, and even playing games within the app. With this application, users are expected to feel assisted in solving problems they encounter while caring for lithop. The application incorporates Artificial Intelligence and is created using Pictoblox. Users can also regularly use this application for daily use. This application will not be boring because it also comes with fun games.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Althafazrais Widyanatha

ECAIA (Elder Caring AI Assistant)

The elderly are the most valuable family members, we respect the most, and care the most, because of the many physical and mental health risks, as well as instability in many ways. ECAIA is an assistant who looks after your elderly people, if they live alone away from their family. ECAIA has 10 features that are most needed by the elderly. ECAIA can train sports, play music, remind them of their daily schedule, check their symptoms and condition, ECAIA can detect the condition of elderly people who have fallen and direct automatically call the family and doctors. ECAIA, can provide funny jokes and fun games for the elderly, and last but not least ECAIA can help remember faces that the elderly point to with photos, can draw whatever we want, and ECAIA has audrino that can move and open the medication. ECAIA is a solution for your elderly who are left alone at home.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Natasha Zheng

Skelo’s Clinic

Skelo’s Clinic is an AI Machine Learning project created with Pictoblox. Skelo’s Clinic can detect poor or good sitting postures using web cameras. It can also save the user’s posture data using save codes. Skelo’s Clinic has a simple and easy appearance to make the user understand the product more easily. On the very first screen, there’s a start button to move to the next screen. On the second screen, the user can choose whether they want to start by checking their sitting posture or checking their posture progress. In the check posture screen, the user can start checking their posture by pressing the start button, or they can also see how to sit properly. After checking their postures, they will receive a code, result, and recommendations of what to do next. In the progress data, the user can enter one of their data codes and see their previous results.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

I Gede Reyga Khrisnanda Utama Yasa


Clean and healthy environment is very important to our society, we need to keep our environment clean. To do so, all of us should put our trash on the place. One of the actions is to put sign to remind all of as to keep the environment clean. Early education to the kids also become solution. By this project we create a game that remind us to keep our environment clean and healthy, to keep remind us to put our trash on the place.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Georgije Cerovic

Little Genius The Smart Ball

Little Genius is a cute ball with curiousity. With Little Genius, he can make learning fun and interesting with Games and Simulations. It has 5 games which are :
– Math Masters
– ⁠Hands-On Arts
– ⁠Brain Training
– ⁠Music Signalling
– ⁠Talking Genius

In this project, I use a little bit of AI and ML for some games in the project. There are benefits of Little Genius The Smart Ball such as :
1. Math Masters and Brain Training are used for education to test their knowledge
2. Hands-On Arts shows us that touchless technology is nearby to reality
3. Talking Genius is used to help toddlers stimulate to speak
4. Music Signalling learns us about sign language for disable people

Thank you
Best regards,
Georgije Cerovic

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Jacquelyn Calista Chen


Starting a healthy life for teens is a very important thing for their present and future. The issue with the current generation is that adults may realize of the importance of a healthy lifestyle just when diseases hit due to this unhealthy lifestyle. Thus it is important to form a healthy lifestyle during the teenage years. Why at this point? It’s due to the self made choices related to food and activity.
Because of that I made a program dedicated for teenagers to develop a healthy lifestyle. The AI in this project I made here can help teens in having a healthy lifestyle in an exciting way. It can help them to do some exercise like dancing. It can also help them to obtain the correct nutrition, for example by scanning their food and getting the nutritional information for their food, as well as a healthier replacement for processed foods.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Senior Category

ACS Engineering


  1. Jeremy Suryasaputra
  2. Stefan Jacob Saro Silitonga
  3. Maxmilian Halim

Search and Rescue Drone (SARD)

Drones can become very supplemental or key additions to Search and Rescue in the case of a disaster. Although many drones contain basic functions like flying or recording, they are still not adequate for disaster-use. To improve this, our team has decided to use AI, training a ML model, to easily detect survivors. Our project started with the construction of our own drone, which unlike other drones in the market, is easily customizable from the speed, program, and infrastructure. We trained the ML model ourselves using the Pictoblox program and coded the drone using Arduino. All of the features can be accessed via just a laptop. We believe this drone, specifically the idea it represents, can become a main catalyst in Search and Rescue operations.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Alfon Ricardo Lucman

Spellbound Signs

Introducing Spellbound Signs, an educational game put together to help you master the American Sign Language alphabet. Spellbound Signs provides an engaging ASL-learning environment for those hard of hearing and their loved ones, regardless of their age. By incorporating interactive and hands-on elements into the learning process, Spellbound Signs aims to optimize learning ASL while fostering enjoyment and involvement in players. This is critical as 6.1% of the world are hard of hearing. Help Willy the Wizard whack some ghosts with his whimsical magic hand poses.

This game assesses the player’s proficiency in accurately executing the hand poses representing the alphabet. Spellbound Signs features six levels, each focusing on a specific range of alphabets.

Level 1 – A,B,C,D,E
Level 2 – F,G,H,I,J
Level 3 – K,L,M,N,O
Level 4 – P,Q,R,S,T
Level 5 – U,V,W,X,Y,Z
Level 6 – Free play

The segmented learning approach of the alphabet allows for easier digestion of the letters, improving their retention.

Link project :
Link Youtube:

Felicia Athena Anastasia Binui

Trash to Treasure

“Trash to Treasure” aims to elevate awareness surrounding the importance of recycling and sustainable living. By integrating AI technology, this project strives to inspire users to dive into the artistic realm of recycling, making use of everyday items available in their homes. Another highlight is a short animation video that not only emphasizes the significance of recycling but also serves as an educational tool. By simplifying the recycling process, “Trash to Treasure” makes creative recycling accessible for users of all ages, challenging the stereotype that recycling is only for waste management companies. The project’s message emphasizes that every small action matters and can have a collective impact on the well-being of our planet.

Link project:

Link Youtube:



  1. Dylan Sean Chiarief
  2. Pannayaka Janggleng Renggo Loekito


As we know in today’s world we got to see very massive technological. That advancement is including in the health sector too, for example hearing aid, but the advancement for people that has visual impairment problem isn’t advance enough for us. That’s why in our project we want to help the people who suffers visual impairment. In this project we want to help people with visual impairment to be able to feels and explores the outside world without any worry in mind. That’s why we make a device that can detect obstacles and signs that they may encountered. With the help of AI/ML we created a detector for those things and send a signal for any danger or signage, so they can roam freely without supervision. That’s why our project name is “Vision”.

Link project:

Link Youtube:

Mustafiana Adicipta

FYPS (Find Your Parking Space)

FYPS (Find Your Parking Space) is a project that aims to provide drivers with a seamless parking experience. It’s like having a personal parking assistant in your pocket! FYPS is super user-friendly and helps you find available parking spots in your desired location, all in real time. You can make informed decisions before you leave home and secure a parking spot in advance to ensure you don’t have to stress out when you arrive. With its easy-to-use interface and accurate data, FYPS streamlines the parking process, reduces traffic, and makes it easier for you to navigate busy city streets. Whether you’re going to work, shopping, or just hanging out, FYPS simplifies the search for parking and makes your life easier!

Link project:

Link Youtube:



  1. Nathanael Nicolas Chang
  2. Nicholas Chung
  3. Junico Pratama Teguh


Introducing EcoSort: an innovative automatic trash sorting system leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology. By swiftly and accurately segregating recyclable and non-recyclable materials, EcoSort revolutionizes waste management, reducing human error and labor costs while boosting recycling rates. Tailored for municipalities, waste management firms, and commercial entities, EcoSort offers a scalable, customizable solution. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration ensure effortless operation, delivering tangible environmental benefits and cost savings. With EcoSort, organizations can streamline waste sorting, minimize environmental impact, and embrace a sustainable future.

Link project:

Link Youtube:



  1. Maximillian Mikhael Prabowo
  2. Franciscus Xaverius Saphton Ostentiarto


Our project involves the development of a versatile CHATBOT AI aimed at educating individuals worldwide. By simply typing questions, users can access a wide range of educational content spanning medical, language, marketing, and other fields of study. In addition to providing valuable knowledge, our platform offers 8 programming quizzes to challenge users and enhance their programming skills. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, committing to monthly software updates to address any bugs and introduce new features. With our innovative approach to education, we aim to empower learners globally and facilitate accessible and engaging learning experiences. Our project entails crafting a dynamic CHATBOT AI for global education.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Lionel Dennis Sunjoyo

Trash Detected

My Project names “Trash Detected”. Nowadays, a lot of waste is produced due to the progress of civilization. This results in a lot of waste in the world. The waste produced is also varied. Starting from plastic, organic, and more. I created a program to differentiate waste, so that people don’t sort waste wrongly. In my program, you will also be trained to be able to differentiate between many waste too. This is motivated by the fact that sorting waste is an easy job, but because people don’t learn, people are unfamiliar with sorting waste. Apart from that, in my program you will also be taught how to recycle various kinds of waste, so that we can reduce the waste produced. You will be accompanied by CleanBot to run this program.

Link project :

Link Youtube:

Alexis Soeswanto

ECO Arcade

This project consists of a set of educational mini games themed around conserving our environment, highlighting topics such as pollution and waste disposal, as well as features of wildlife conservation and sustainable energy. They involve activities such as sorting trash into the correct bins, cleaning trash from a river, environment themed trivia, and helping to reduce light pollution. These are also based on traditional ‘arcade’ games that bring a level of familiarity to players, being sorting, fishing, and memory puzzle game-based. Additionally, aside from just minigames, users are further motivated to play and learn through a reward system provided through a ‘shop’ feature, where they can gain prizes in exchange for points they earn through playing. With bright visuals, and simple but fun gameplay, this project hopes to draw in many casual players and younger audiences.

Link project:

Link Youtube:

Reyner Elazaro Tampubolon

MPD (Mobile Pollution Data)

MPD, short for Mobile Pollution Data, has a list of pollution ratings of different cities around the world. The goal is to have this dataset used by the public in a precautionary action towards air pollution. The ratings are based on the PM2.5 rating, but shortened and simplified to be : Safe (0-50 PM2.5), Intermediate (51-100 PM2.5), and Dangerous (101-200+ PM2.5). The AI Extension in MPD allows the user to add a city which isn’t in the list, then have it rated instantly by a trained model built from Teachable Machine. This AI Extension earns superiority over the more popular air pollution website, IQAir. From an instantaneous update time, to being able to cover any city in the world.

Link project:

Link Youtube:

Notes : Tim KodeKiddo akan menghubungi 30 tim peserta National Round diatas untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Things to be prepared for this event!

Ayo, persiapkan diri Kiddos untuk tampil di Regional Round tersebut!

Poster / Banner 

Softcopy bisa diupload di link ini. (Optional) versi Printed dibawa juga saat Regional Event

Demo Project 

Kiddos akan menggunakan file Demo Project yang sudah kiddos upload di submission kemarin.

Presentation Business Pitch 

Kiddos akan menggunakan file presentasi yang sudah kiddos upload di submission kemarin.

Presentation Speech 

Persiapkan Presentasi Kiddos bersama Demo Project dan Presentation Business Pitch kalian dengan sangat baik.

3 Menit

3 Menit adalah waktu yang diberikan untuk kiddos meyakinkan para Juri bahwa Kiddos layak untuk dipilih menjadi pemenang National Round.

3 Menit adalah waktu untuk presentasi dan demo project kiddos.

Pastikan Kiddos sudah mempersiapkannya dengan baik..!!

Event ini juga didukung oleh :

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