Codeavour 2022 Submission

Tahun ini KodeKiddo berperan sebagai

Training Partner Indonesia

untuk event

the biggest International Artificial Intelligence (AI) and coding competition!

AI is already all around us. Jangan tertinggal untuk belajar AI sejak kecil.

CODEAVOUR adalah Kompetisi Global online menggunakan platform PictoBlox, coding dengan block programming dan AI extensions.

Kompetisi CODEAVOUR 2022 terdapat 5 pilihan tema yaitu: 

  • Save the Environment
  • Strengthen the Health Infrastructure
  • Revolutionize the Agriculture
  • Automate the Surroundings
  • Make Smart Transportation System

Good Job untuk semua Kiddos yang telah berpartisipasi!
Tahun ini, sebanyak 80 kiddos telah ikut serta dalam event ini.

Usaha kalian yang sangat luar biasa untuk belajar hal baru tentang Artificial Intelligence (AI) dan mengaplikasikannya dalam setiap karya proyek kalian melalui PictoBlox.

Dengan ikut serta dan berpartisipasi dalam event seperti ini akan melatih kalian untuk berada di level dunia, bersaing dengan para Kiddos lainnya dari berbagai negara, menyalurkan ide-ide kreatif, melatih Technical Skill kalian, dan tentunya melatih Presentation Skill kalian juga.

Dan juga ada hadiah menarik, seperti Apple iPad, STEM kits dan Uang Tunai.

Lebih dari 60 Pemenang dengan total hadiah $20,000 (300 jt rupiah) untuk level Global!

Selain bertanding di level Global, di level Indonesia juga akan dipilih pemenang dengan kategori berikut:

Group 1

(7-10 tahun)

Group 2

(11-14 tahun)

Group 3

(15-18 tahun)

Penasaran ingin melihat ide-ide menarik dan hasil presentasi para kiddos?

Tunggu apa lagi, segera lihat karya-karya proyek mereka di bawah ini.

Jangan lupa Like untuk mendukung project yang kalian sukai.

Deadline untuk voting Most Liked di 15 Maret 2023.

Pengumuman pemenang level Indonesia akan dilakukan di akhir Maret 2023.

temukan nama mereka dibawah ini :

Group 1 (7-10 tahun)

oleh Michelle Ivy Mulyono dan Jason Akira Harianto.

Pico Assistant – Automate the Surroungdings

We made this Pico Assistant project because we want to canceled the global warming.
Global warming is time when earth celcius being higher than before.
There’s a bunch of natural disaster that could happen if global warming happen.
So, we need to be a really, really careful.
But, there’s ways to canceled the global warming.
One of them is by planting flowers or trees!
Our project, Pico Assistant, will help you to plants flowers or trees,
It will give you some instruction how to plant it.
We hope, our project is very helpful to help cancelling the global warming.

oleh Alexander Ronaldo.

Trash Sorter – Save the Environment

Welcome to Trash Sorter! Grab a trash and scan it in the analyzer! If the Circle turns green, that means the trash can be recycled! If the Circle turns red, that means the trash can’t be recycled!

oleh Azzam Abiyu Heraka

Smart Traffic Light With AI – Make Smart Transportation System

Welcome to Trash Sorter! Grab a trash and scan it in the analyzer! If the Circle turns green, that means the trash can be recycled! If the Circle turns red, that means the trash can’t be recycled!

oleh Nicholas Brandon Wijaya

Sorting Waste – Save the Environment

In this project, users must collect the waste that scattered on the stage by controlling a character by presing arrow button.If our character touch with a waste, it will change costume based on waste that touch with it before.If successful place the waste based on their classification, we will get point & also if we get in certain points, we will wins the game.


oleh Christopher Arvin Prasetyo

The Trash Picker – Save the Environment

The Trash Picker game is all about trash handling in our earth, it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) extensions like the ML (Machine Learning) and the pose detection extension.

oleh Dean Azhallah Prasetyoputra

Clean and Go Green – Save the Environment

Clean and Go Green is an interative game that uses a web camera to detect the movement and position of the user’s hand. This game consists of 2 parts, which aims to build awareness towards environmental cleanliness and energy saving. We will use hand gestures to put the different type of garbage in garbage bin, and learn to replace ordinary home appliances with energy-efficient home appliances.

oleh Alexander Santoso

Dr. AI – Strengthen the Health Infrastucture

Project name is Dr. AI, aligned with the theme “Strengthen the Health Infrastructure”.
Dr. AI is virtual health center, designed for children, where you can do :

  • consultation
  • simple screening and
  • save your record for future reference.

I created Dr. AI because during Covid-19, I learn :

  1. The technology for consultation with health expert or maybe with AI is essential to reduce face to face encounter as well as the infection.
  2. The technology for routine check up / self test / self screening is useful during pandemic time. Imagine if you want to do teeth or eye check up during Covid-19, you should postpone it. But with technology, you can do it anywhere and anytime.
  3. A proper record for our health screening and vaccination is essential for future reference. Covid-19 makes us pay more attention to our health record and also remind us the importance of vaccination record. Maybe in the future, we should show these record while traveling, mobilize or even just for registering to school / work.

Using Pictoblox with the AI, ML and NLP feature, I create Dr. AI, where I focus more in teeth, eyes screening and consultation for childhood infectious diseases. We can save our screening record as well as our vaccination record in Dr. AI too, so we can access it anywhere and anytime.

oleh Felix Artajati

“Kenali Tempat Sampah”- Save the Environment

In this project, users can utilize speech recognition in AI to make AI move the trash to the trash bin. Users can use AI to make a explanation about the type of trash.


oleh Gibran Radhika Aquila

The Leaves Detector – Revolutionize the Agriculture

This project title “The Leave Detector” which can detect 2 different type: Good and Bad leaves by using Pictoblox Machine Learning Environment- Object Detection.
First, I capture more than 80 good and bad leaf images by using webcam in many different position. “Good” for mean healthy leaves, and “Bad” for unhealthy leaves. After that, I labelling all images and separate into 2 class which is so crucial. These are for the data.
I train the model, generate the data with 5000 iteration to get the graph.
After that, I load the model in Pictoblox then I code it.
Show leaves to the camera to know how this project work.

oleh Magenta Anindira Maulana

Forest Cleaner – Save the Environment

My project is about cleaning forest and taking trash. We must not throw trash in anywhere except the trash bin. It includes oceans, seas, neighbourhoods, and other places in the world. If we throw trash in the trash bin, we can save the environment. It can make many benefits in our lives. We may live happy lives and not smell stinky garbage in our lives!

oleh Joachim Putra Hutabarat

Save the Environment

A project that tells about how to save the environment. There is a short description of the damage of littering such as Tsunami and also a short solution about how to prevent the damage by planting trees or plants. At the end of the project, there is a quiz about saving the environment and using hand movement (AI) to answer the quiz. After, we answer all of the questions it will show the “Thank You” background.

oleh Kalevi Adriel Wijaya

Tobi Smart Home – Automate the Surroundings

In this project, users can utilize speech recognition in AI to make AI as the assistant. Users can try it by run the program, so that speech recognition box will appear. AI will do something based on word that detect from users speech.


oleh Rasendriya Pramana Wibowo

Kill The Virus – Strengthen the Health Infrastructure

So in the game that I made, namely “Kill The Virus” in the game, we aim to kill the virus

oleh Kevin Veasna Athaa Sudewo

Game of Wastes – Save the Environment

The aim of this game to save our earth from wastes. And educate indonesian to stop littering. In this game we have to catch the wastes and get poin. If we fail to catch the poin is substracted. This game us pictoblox application.

oleh Janto Tercio Simkoputera

Driving simulator – Make Smart Transportation System

Enjoy driving simulator in beautiful Indonesia and experience the madness traffic that will make you to be cautious and improve your driving skill as a good citizen. Driving simulator brings awareness to your surrounding when driving. Buckle up, drive, steer and learn to drive a car safely. Our main objective is to make sure our car will not hit the reckless driving car that cannot be stopped by the police. You can have as many attempts as you like to master the game. Drive safely and don’t forget to have fun.

oleh Leonardus Anthony Wijaya

Tower Defense – Automate the Surroundings

In this project, users can play a simple tower defense game in Pictoblox or Scratch using available weapon and eliminate the enemy.

oleh  Maximilian Edbert Hanafia

Trash Collector – Save the Environment

Trash Collector is a game about collecting trash from the ocean to save the earth.

oleh Mikayla K. Agusta

Finding Maggie – Save the Environment

A storytelling project which the title is “Finding Maggie”. This story is about Sarah’s adventure to find Maggie (the Black Soldier Flies Maggot) to save her planet from Waston (the food waste monster). Through this story, I will bring you to take a closer look at the effect of the food waste for our planet and what we can do to reduce it, so that we can help to save the environment. In this project, I used 3 apps (pictoblox, studio gometa, and canva). I put my Augmented Reality project which contain of information about food waste and BSF maggot.

oleh Panji Prasetya Endryanto

Save the Environment

The short project was birthed from the creator’s love for a clean environment and was built using PictoBlox’s block-based AI programming software. The face detection extension is used to capture certain facial expressions in order to perform actions in the project.

oleh Peter Reinhart Darma

ENVIRONMENT GAMES – Save the Environment

This project has a background that displays the environment. in the first game, players will play catch the parrot game. Players must catch 5 parrots and after collecting 5, the game will continue to the next stage. The second game is a quiz game. and in the Final round there will be a sprite that will guess the expression on your face and describe it. Have a nice play!!!

oleh Rashad Frederich Husman & Fachry Yudhistira Husman

Ultimate Driving Simulator

We made a game called Ultimate Driving Simulator (UDS). The point of this game is to drive safely. It’s a one player game. We move our car without crashing the other cars. In the home menu, we can see the title and 3 buttons. There is the play, cars, and instruction button. When you press play, it sends you to the game. When you press cars, it will send you to the car selection. When you click at the car you want to use, it will send you to the game with your chosen car. And when you press Instruction’s, it will send you to a backdrop that shows how to play the game. When you accidentally crash a car, a “Game Over” screen pops out.

oleh Rhapsody Radva Rasheed


SMart and sAFety Car (SMAF CAR) utilised AI/machine learning to avoid car lost, to automate car control, and to minimize distraction. SmafCar has 3 features: 1. No car thief: SmafCar is equipped with face recognition. The car won’t be unlocked because the car will only recognize the owner’s face. 2. Hand-pose car controller: The hand pose gesture is unique, only the car owner knows. 3. Baby soother: Baby’s crying can be a distraction for a mom who drives by herself, which may lead to an accident. AI can recognize the baby expression then give a lullaby without distracting mom.

oleh Atmariani Putrijenar Permana

A.V – Automatic TV

For this project, I am making A.V – Automatic TV, it is a voice command TV.
My grandma doesn’t know how to switch the TV channel, and she always ask for help.
So, I make this, where you don’t need remote control for your TV. You can just shout out which TV channel that you want to watch.
This Automatic TV will bring so much benefit, not only for my grandma, but also for those who are impaired or for those who cannot read, or when you simply run out of battery for your remote control.

oleh Russell William Tanner

Dry Leaves Catcher

Lately we often feel hotter than before, without realizing that it is cause of global warming. Trees are living things that can save our world from global warming, but the problem is the dry leaves that fall to the streets and sewers. These leaves can make the street flooding and the water in the sewer difficult to flow. Whereas, these dry leaves have many benefits if we collect them. One of them is we can make compost from them. I make application that can collect the dry leaves so that it can be made into compost.

oleh Syabil Zidan Arasyi

Save the sea and sea coral

So my project base is to inspire everyone that play this game can save the ocean and sea coral by not throwing trash freely to the sea, river or lake. In my game is use AI to control the levels but also you still need your brain to control and think fast to catch the trash especially for level three you need to use your nose to control the main character, level two we use our facial expression to control the main sprite and for the easiest level we use our hand to control and catch the trash with the main character Mr.Zidan. I also add sound effect and use so many broadcast to tell the information sprite, the transition, level appearance and etc. I cant tell the challenging feeling when you play this game so try it by yourself !

oleh Mikhael Theodorus Angkawibawa

Project Face Recognitoin and Matching.

This project was made to help schools, offices, and factories to recognize known people and not to recognize unknown people, so not to let in unknown people.

oleh Rainer Axel Tjokro

Trash Eater

An interactive game that educates people to know about organic and inorganic trash.

oleh Vaga Ahmad Kaizan Amadeo


A simulation game of AI shark robot that can help clean up the sea by sorting and collecting marine debris.
In the future, the idea of this game can be realized in the form of an AI shark robot

There are 54 sprites & 15 variables.
The sprites are:
1 Main sprites, it is Madeshark (consist of 6 costumes)
Collectible sprites are:
* 6 sprites of Organic wastes
* 6 sprites of Cardboard & Paper wastes
* 7 sprites of Hazardous wastes
* 13 sprites of Plastic, Glass & Cans or metal wastes
* 1 sprite of Danger, it is normal shark, consist of 38 costumes
20 Normal sprites (such as buttons, lives, tutorial & information screens, assistant robot, etc)

oleh Valerie Faye Gunanto

Coronavirus Battle Game

The game is supposed to make people use sanitizer to protect themself from the virus . i used human body detection for the game . the game has lots of buttons and mechanisms.

oleh Vienna Gracella Lokito

Penguin Maze

Penguin Maze, Users have to return the penguin to their home/igloo and avoid obstacles at each level. At each level, the obstacles will run faster. The game was made to raise awareness of the rising number of penguins currently in danger of extinction.

oleh Zarrar Zayn Ksatria Bhaskara

Automated Hospital Receptionist

This Project is about creating an automated Hospital Receptionist.
This automated unit asked for the name and the age of the customer.
If the age is bellowed 12 years, the unit will reject the customer, otherwise, the unit will let the Customer do the next verification.
The old enough Customer should show a happy smile to finish the last verification before entering the Hospital.
This automated unit uses decision and Human Face Recognition for its Artificial Intelligence.

oleh Kenzie Arkanradi Giri

Zero Home

Zero home is an inclusive smart home that helps people who have move disability to make they home easier simply with text

Group 2 (11-14 tahun)


Automatic cooler

The name of my codeavour project is automatic cooler. Function of this tool is spread the water to the yard
While weather up 27 celcius so it made cooler our house but not only we use it on house, Automatic cooler that I made It can also be used for places that are potentially exposed to heat, for example :
1.uncovered parking lot
2.outdoor jogging track
3.gardens that need water to water the plants

oleh Aliyya hanisah

Know If You Need A Diet?

My project is about health which leads to diet, because maybe we need a measurement of whether we need a diet. So the way to start is to click start then next then detect age, gender, BMI (adults only)(input height with”.” Example : 1.5). I hope my project is useful for everyone. Thank You

oleh Raphael Inigo Muliawan

Automatic Trash Bin

This automatic trash bin is only the code of an automatic trash bin. So if there is a hand and trash (organic, plastic, and metal) the trash bin sprite will open. if hands and trash are not detected the trash bin sprite will not open. This code uses ML (Machine Learning) and Human Body extensions.

oleh Avery Kimiko Lynn

Virus No More

We need to shoot the virus the big virus is the boss if u done shooting the virus boss u will go back to the beginning.

oleh Avicenna Myer Zha

Save the Environment

Tobi recognizes whether an action is saving or harming the environment.

oleh Muhammad Bari Khairul Azam

Driving simulator

The title of this project is Driving Simulator and has the Make Smart Transportation System theme, this project that I made is in the form of a game that can be played by avoiding cars traveling in the opposite direction, as a form of good and correct driving simulation. With this game, users can play a fun game with additional features such as setting the volume of music and the color of the car that the player wants.

oleh Althafazrais Widyanatha


Why I make Blindex?

Blindex is a solution for people who are having visual impairment. Vision impairment means that a person’s eyesight cannot be corrected to a “normal” level. Vision impairment may be caused by a loss of visual acuity, where the eye does not see objects as clearly as usual.

Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have a near or distance vision impairment.

The term “blindex” meaning blind, and the “ex” meaning “without”, So that means They are blind but they feel without being blind.

How I make Blindex?

I made Blindex using Pictoblox, And I use many useful AI Extensions Like:
Artificial Intellegence
ML With Teachable Machine
Blindex uses AI Technology by using a complex data of machine learning from sources, google images, photos, and more.
Image recognition, in the context of machine vision, is the ability of software to identify objects, places, people, writing and actions in images.

How Blindex works?

Blindex is easy to use for blind people. They only need to tap and hold to recognize things. The things that Blindex can recognize are:
Objects (Detects objects, such as tools, food, devices, animals, and more)
Face (Detects face based on age, gender, and emotion)
Text (Detects Text from signs, labels, books, documents and more)
Money (Detects how much money it is, useful for shopping)

Why is Blindex so important for our society?

Nearly 20% of all people in the world are blind, so it is important for many blind people to use Blindex. Also it can contact with people, depending of what they feel. Making them feel connected and never be alone. Blindex makes blind people being independent.

oleh Aaron Alvaro Santoso

Simple Language Translator

My name is Aaron and the theme of my project is Automate The Surroundings. The name of the project is ‘Simple Language Translator’ because it’s actually really simple. The objective of this project is to help people to do their activites

oleh Davin Nataldo

Ai ticket for train

In this project, I use AI to identify the passenger’s name from their faces and to identify the destination from the QR code, if the name of the passenger match to the QR code, then the rain will pick them and take them to their destination, if it’s not match, then it will rejected. In this project, i also use brodcast to make sound for the train to say each name of the station and the passenger’s destination.

oleh Palawa Aulia Muhammad


My project is about collecting garbage and saving the environment. For the game, I made a concept of a bike that can pick up garbage by simply going cycling. How, you ask? By making use of the vacuum strapped to the front of it of course! This way, we can save the environment, and also be healthy. The vacuum itself is powered by electricity that we can get from converting the garbage that we have collected into electricity. That way, we won’t waste any power, and we can even produce more power for other appliances.

oleh Elaine Yoshie Vanessa Chrisyanto

Saving the environment

A game with 3 minigames that doesn’t have a main story. The first minigame you have to pick up trash like plastic bottles and more. The second minigame you have to throw away the trash into the right bin. For the third minigame you have to make the fish eat the food and avoid the trash.

oleh I Gede Gaston Ganeswara & M.Prabasworo Satryo Jati

Money Guide

a game that help you identify indonesian currencies and what things that you can buy with it



The project I created is Public Smart Transportation AI with electric vehicles. I made a program about traffic simulation that looks real. I made this AI traffic with an AI system and it has a feature that recognizes the type of vehicle when we click it. then AI also regulates passing vehicles and also the Traffic Light System. I made the next program, namely Driving Simulator. players will play an electric car and move it like on the highway. Have a nice play!!!

oleh Glenn Jacob Thanoshi Sitorus

Road damage prevention

My project is about preventing road from damage that is caused by vehicles that is too heavy for the road to support

oleh Haskell Kay Kurniawan & Hanzell Jasper Kurniawan


FIT is an app that helps automate the surroundings in the fashion industry, by visualizing the shopping experience to help users choose clothing more efficiently. It can recommend clothes based on previous sales and help user’s visualize how a piece of clothing will look like on one’s body. This project uses the Artificial Intelligence and Human Body extension’s.

oleh Lionel Timothy


Food-AI monitors your daily meals or foods and it will warn you sometimes through SMS whether you need to eat healthier food or unbalanced nutrition and more. Powered by machine learning, the AI will list the foods user eats and will calculate the nutrition from the foods, and will tell whether the user’s dietary habit is still unbalanced or not. Aside from those 2, there’s more feature such as nutrition consumed in percentage, recommended foods to stabilize the consumed nutrients, and possible side effects

oleh Josiah asher santoso

Tobi ai assistant

This is Tobi the AI assistant, tobi will ask u some questions like = what can i do, you can answer something like. what is the time etc, and tobi can answer it. it requires face detection! and text to speech.

oleh Juan Samuel Pierngadie

Shark the Sea

Shark The Sea is a Game that the player become a robot shark that eat trash so the ocean and can be clean.

oleh Ethaniel Kayrel H


This is my project, its about a secure object-oriented system lock, which it scans object, you can choose to add that object with a button and it will automatically lock it as a key(3-object-key), and then you can test if you re-scan the correct object with the correct order, you won, but if not, you lost. So this is made for security systems to use object oriented-key so that it may be more secure, and in this one, it uses object detection, 10 possible objects, and 3 possible input Making it have 3^10 or 59049 combinations possible.

oleh Kevin Joshua

Tesla Sensor

It’s about how do Tesla autopilot sensor works with just a simple code, to prevent the car going into the grass(green area) and make sure it’s stay on the road.

oleh Alexander Lionel Santoso

Recycling Plastic Game

This is a games that I created to spread awareness about plastic that are being thrown in the ocean. The name of the game is Recycling Plastic Game. In this game, players have to collect plastic that are in the ocean. After collecting a certain amount of plastic, the player can recycle the plastic. There are fish in the ocean that will eat the plastic and reduce how much plastic you collected. Hope you enjoy!

oleh Lionell Vince Gunanto

Flappy Bird.Exe

This game for people who is just bored with the orignal flappy bird and the light color theme and like more sinister version of flappy bird.

oleh Nixon Dwiputra Tanuwidjaja

Environment Scenario

The project tells what would happen if we did not do anything to save the environment. There are 3 buttons for 3 scenarios: Deforestation, Plastic Pollution, and Global Warming. When clicked, it will show an explanation if we didn’t do anything about it. After that, there will be a short game to entertain the user that’s using the project. Finally it will give the solution on what we could do to stop it. After you are done with all the scenarios there will be and ending screen to finish it all.

oleh Muhamad Rizki Febrian

A.I Voice Lamborghini Controls

This is A.I voice controls car (Lamborghini) in this project the car can move slower, faster, More than faster (Easter egg), More than slower, (Easter egg), turn on the light and light off
first is the faster, slower, more than faster, more than slower is using the wheel to increase the degrees so it’s seems like faster or reduce the degrees to make it like slowing down.
Next is to turn light on, turn light off is using forever code, if code, some speech recognition code, switch costume code, that’s all !

oleh Maven Helios Agathon Yesstian


MVN Car is my future car design that can controlled by voice command and hand gesture.
The reason why I designed MVN Car is to make it easier to control the car with not much effort.

oleh Mirza Dradjat

Save Earth

Saving the environment is a crucial issue, because our earth is fragile. The earth is our only home, and if we dis-regard the environment, we may lose our place to live.

Today, the issue of plastic waste especially in Indonesia is a big problem. Awareness of saving the environment is an important factor; that should be developed since an early age.

That is why, in this project, I have created a game for kids where the player is challenged to pick up all the garbage in the effort to raise awareness through a fun way.

oleh Nabigha Aqilla Kurniawan

Traffic Driver

The Game named Traffic Driver. The game used Human Body AI to move the car, to buy a car and change the car.

oleh Nigel Einslee

Automatic Gate

My project is an AI that can interact with license plates to open and close gates using a camera that scans the license plates.

oleh Muhammad Arkan Ramadhan

Save the Forest

Save the Forest is a game that has three mini-games. The first game is avoiding the tree monster’s hand (you can press space to shoot). In the second game, the player should protect themselves from the obstacle of the tree monster (press space to shoot, and use arrow keys to move). The last game is collecting the seed. To manage it, the player has to move their hand to get the seed. This game aims to educate us about the importance of our awareness of protecting the forest.

oleh Rafael Hendriya Putra

Save The Earth

I have Tobi as a main character. There is trash in the beach. There are fruits. The food platter is special for Tobi to eat. We must clean the trash with entering into the organic trash. After it is clean, next shooting the parrot quickly. After the parrot is missing, it appears a gate and we go into the underwater. We must kill the monster because they can kill the fishes. If they kill the fishes, the game is over. We just have 60 seconds to kill the monsters. If we are success to kill them, we are win.

oleh I Gusti Ngurah Bagas Arya Nugraha

How to Save the environment 101

I made a pictoblox project for codevour 2023, and this is how I describe it. My mission is to make a project in pictoblox to fulfill my project theme which is to save the environment. To achieve my project theme, the project needs to have realistic solutions that can be achieved by us humans while simultaneously be an effective solution to save the environment. But first why do we need to save the environment in the first place? To answer this question, we need to observe our surroundings, you might see plastics on the ground, in the river or even a fog of polluted air. This is the damage that we caused to planet earth and we need to fix it before we lead ourselves to total destruction. Before we lead ourselves to impending doom, we can prevent it by implementing one of my solution and some other solution from my project. In my project there are several solutions including one solution that uses AI to increase efficiency. Basically my project is an interactive infographic that can explain solutions and how it works. The assistant that’s going to guide you is a robot that will guide you on the solution that you want to understand. The purpose of my project is to raise the government’s awareness about these implementable solution.

oleh Justin William Surya

The Descend of Mariana Trench

This is a project about going down the Mariana Trench, here you will see different types of animals as you get deeper into trench. As a submarine diver your goal is to get past the zones and to the bottom of the trench.

oleh Vincent Antonio Wijaya

Intelligent Driving Pedestrian Detection system based on Machine Learning

Competition Themes: Make Smart Transportation Systems Project
Title: Intelligent Driving Pedestrian Detection system based on Machine Learning Pedestrian detection is a specific application of object detection.
Compared with general object detection, it shows similarities and unique characteristics. In addition, it has important application value in the fields of intelligent driving and security monitoring.Regarding the application of pedestrian detection in intelligent driving technology, it is of necessity to ensure its real-time performance.
Object detection is a basic problem of machine vision and deep learning, and it lays the basis for the in-depth development of numerous research problems and deep analysis.

oleh Valcko Hassan & Timothy Alexander Wijaya

Valcko And Alex’s unhackable-and-efficient farm

Valcko and Alex shows a pictoblox project about agriculture. Their project is about revolutionizing agriculture. They used machine learning to identify the carrots and filter it into 2 different places based on the condition. The idea is they use a claw that has a sensor to identify the carrots and pick them up and take them to the correct boxes. Title: Intelligent Driving Pedestrian Detection system based on Machine Learning Pedestrian detection is a specific application of object detection.
Compared with general object detection, it shows similarities and unique characteristics. In addition, it has important application value in the fields of intelligent driving and security monitoring.Regarding the application of pedestrian detection in intelligent driving technology, it is of necessity to ensure its real-time performance.
Object detection is a basic problem of machine vision and deep learning, and it lays the basis for the in-depth development of numerous research problems and deep analysis.

oleh Tristan Gusviano

Doctor 4U

It’s an AI project that have the function as the first responder to help people
when they have certain injury or sickness (the common one) at home.

The story behind my project: Currently I’m staying with both of my grandparent. Sometimes they are staying alone when me and my brother are out for school and my parent are out for work. So I created this project with the idea in mind when they are having certain injury or sickness and nobody is around, they can use the app to know what is the next step to do.

In my project I have 2 categories which is injury and sickness. For injury, I have divided into 2 categories which is minor and major. As for the sickness, I have divided into 5 categories pink eye, cold and flu, diarrhea, headache, and stomach ache. All of listed sickness are the common one that normally happened in our daily life and it’s not life threatening. I have provided the next procedures that the people can easily follow it based on the injury or sickness accordingly.

My main target is the project can be developed into mobile app that can be easily to use even for old people. The app can be used as the first aid at home before we decided to go to doctor / hospital.

Compared with general object detection, it shows similarities and unique characteristics. In addition, it has important application value in the fields of intelligent driving and security monitoring.Regarding the application of pedestrian detection in intelligent driving technology, it is of necessity to ensure its real-time performance.
Object detection is a basic problem of machine vision and deep learning, and it lays the basis for the in-depth development of numerous research problems and deep analysis.

oleh Andrew Prawira Chandra & Amadeo Kevin Chandra

The Doctor

We choose this theme because we want to tell you how hard doctors are to train and help us and protect us by killing the virus and how hard to become a professional doctor. We make this game to make all people relax and not stress and to tell you about our objectives/goals. Our project is about an apprentice doctor becoming a master doctor. In this project, we code that this sprite right here is an apprentice doctor. His goal is to meet his master and defeat any viruses in his way

Group 3 (15-18 tahun)

oleh Valerie Liang Alianto & Richard Chrysander

Project Sunflower

This project revolves around increasing the effectiveness of the current solar panel technology. By using automatic servo, the solar panel will move according to the movement of the sun. This will increase the light exposure, that will in turn increase the electric output of the system. The electricity produced from this system will be able to replace some electricity generated from fossil fuel generators, which will reduce pollution produced by those generators.

oleh Edmund Delbert Unjuro Siadari

Mask Identifier

The idea of this project came about because odt he need to wear masks in public spaces (Malls, restaurants, airports, etc.). Through machine learning, we are able to detect if someone is using a mask or not. This eliminates the need for a security to constantly remind people about wearing masks and limit contact between people.

oleh Muhammad Hilmi Affan

Moving Class

There is a growing body of evidence to support the connection between physical movement and increased student academic achievement. And such we would like to apply these findings to better students performance and achievement. First of all the schoolground would be needed to acomodate moving classrooms. With the help of my project I hope students would be more efficient moving through their classroom of choice. To put it simply, through AI voice recognition students can benefit from this by simply saying their chosen subject into the speaker and AI would help into their classes with ease

oleh Ida Bagus Putu Pradnya Darmika Manuaba

One Click

One Click is a project that will help you organize items better. With a single click, you can know the information of object that you’ve captured on the camera. An information will pop up after you put the object in front of the camera.

oleh Lana Katlyn Siswandi & Nathan Kevin Siswandi

Hiding in your Eyes: a Glaucoma Detector

A showcase of an informative app that helps achieve an early diagnosis of Glaucoma based on straightforward questions and a machine-learning-based analysis of retina scan images. Users can learn about Glaucoma and receive suggestions after their diagnosis.

oleh Patrick Elliot Subagio

Music Smart Home Device

Play music using hand gestures and voice recognition AI.

oleh Stella Lynette Subagio

Colour My World

Colour My World is a website that provides a variety of services that will help colourblind people. It helps them identify what type of colourblindness thay have, help them to find doctors near them to go for consultation and provide a camera that helps them identify the colours of their surroundings. It uses the machine learning extension to enable the website to learn about the different colors and detect them so that people with colour blindness will be able to use the app to find out about the colors of objects around them. I made this website to help colourblind people live normal lives and reduce the social gap between disabled people and the community.

oleh Muhammad Rafi Arsyad & Ahmad Alwan Daffa

Smart Car – Self Driving Car

Hello guys so this is our project titled Smart Car – Self Driving Car which made by Muhammad Rafi Arsyad and Ahmad Alwan Daffa.
So this project is related to the topic of Make Smart Transportation System for Codeavour 2022 competition.
As we know, the use of smart car or electric car increases significantly. This project is about a car that uses a sensors to detect any object around that car that makes the car do some action base on calculation computer do, like turn left or right or brakes when there is a car in front of it.

oleh Andhika Dwi atamja R 


Project ini berisi tentang AI yang dapat mengrecognition suara untuk strat/matiin mesin, mode,dan notifikasi mesin, mode,dan notifikasi

oleh Pannayaka Janggleng Renggo Loekito & Dylan Sean Chiaref

Smart Mall AI Car Parking using CCTV

Have you been to the mall? Exciting right? , but there’s this one annoying problem almost everyone has encountered, searching for an available parking spot. Our program is for mapping around the parking lot, identifying whether a parking lot is free or not, and then we indicate them and make a map to lead you to that free spot. Also in the program there will be other stuff like promos at the mall, and a lot of beneficial information, that you may have needed.

oleh Giovanni Nathanael Leiwakabessy 

Insomnia Detector

Many people suffered from Insomnia without even knowing what they’re facing. This project is made to help people diagnose their type of insomnia, especially when they started to face difficulties in sleeping. By using the provided data, the program can determine the user’s type of insomnia based on the inputs and give a few basic tips accordingly. Even though seeking for medical attention is the best course of action, knowing what type of insomnia you’re facing can help you decide the best treatment you need to get.