Bebras Challenge 2021 Results

Congratulations for another good result from KodeKiddo kiddos in Bebras Challenge USA!!!

Bebras is an international initiative aiming to promote Informatics (Computer Science, or Computing) and computational thinking among school students. It is the basis for coding and programming.

The Bebras Computing Challenge is organized in over 30 countries and designed to get students from all over the world excited about computing.

Each participant gets 45 minutes to answer 15 multiple-choice questions that focus on computational and logical thinking.

The challenges were delivered in KodeKiddo classes between 8 – 21 Nov, 2021.

The kiddos did very well!!

  • Over 1600 KodeKiddo students participated in this competition from more than 25 KodeKiddo centers as well as at the schools that have partnership with KodeKiddo for their coding program.
  • 44 kiddos got “Best in School” achievement with  38 of them achieving perfect scores!
GroupFirstnameLastnameTotalPerfect Score%
Kits (age 6-8)Abraham Nararya RaheJatmiko108108100%
Kits (age 6-8)BerlianPutri Aqila Widiyanto108108100%
Kits (age 6-8)Emily ParkerWiharjo108108100%
Kits (age 6-8)Jessica ElenaSetiawan108108100%
Kits (age 6-8)MeredithKeira108108100%
Kits (age 6-8)MousaMaulana108108100%
Kits (age 6-8)SaundersLusanjaya108108100%
Castors (age 8-10)Aaron FritzHariyono144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)AlreschaHaryanta144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)CathleenAlicia144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)ChristopherTheodore144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)CruzPranoto144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)DaneshaEzio144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)DaytonJaparyo144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)DylanHarjono144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Emily GracelynPrawira144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)EthanSetuwanto144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)eunicenatasha144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)GlennFrancesco Lee144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Jadden GererdSusanto144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)James EstevanKurniawan144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)James OrvilleTanojo144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Jill ClaireRicfel144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)JocelynRichelle144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)JoshuaStanley Sunjaya144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)laurensius darrelhadianto144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Louis MarcelliusWijaya144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Malissa TanuwijayaCia144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Maria ValeskaSinclair Istiawan144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Michael AngeloHarijanto144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)Nathanael ConnorChandra144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)NathanielSandrawan144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)OwenYonathan144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)RaisyaAzhalea144144100%
Castors (age 8-10)WilliamJoanda azarel144144100%
Benjamins (age 10-12)denzelkurnia180180100%
Benjamins (age 10-12)KayserHwang180180100%
Benjamins (age 10-12)RizhaMalik Ahsani180180100%
Cadets (age 12-14)ZyonGideon16418091%
Cadets (age 12-14)Kevin VaughanLim16418091%
Juniors (age 14-16)LeilaniHadiwibowo16818093%
Juniors (age 14-16)DevinNathaniel16818093%
Juniors (age 14-16)Valerie RichelleReivanka16818093%
Seniors (age 16-18)DavidChristian14818082%

All the kiddos who participated in this event get a certificate from the Bebras Challenge US Committee. Example of the Certificates for some of our kiddos who got the perfect score.

All KodeKiddo participants certificates and results can be downloaded here:

Link to Download Certificates

Link to Official Bebras Challenge 2021 Results