I want to share my experience in kode kiddo.
It was fun playing with the robots my favorite one is cosmo.
The kodding make me sleepy but when I have alot of friends I become excited.
My favorite topic is creating some games.
After kodding I play games that makes me more creative.
If I have a long holiday I will join kode kiddo again.
I love kode kiddo alot.

Elmo,Bali kiddy Grade 3

For 1 year in kodekiddo, I could say that I have had a very nice time there learning and educating myself and also to mingle among the other kids. I could say that kodekiddo takes a really interesting approach in trying to educate and introduce me to programming and coding by using programmable robots. They really could explain everything and I also have fun doing so. Kodekiddo has a lot of coding topics that I could learn so there’s a lot of choices I could choose from. Kodekiddo is also very active among coding competitions and other external coding activities. It could really develop myself in coding and programming. Overall, kodekiddo is a very good place for me to develop my skills or hobby in programming.

Joshua Larido ( St. John’s Catholic School BSD, Grade 7)

My son, Aaron (11yo) is very happy with Kodekiddo. He’s very enthusiastic to come to class every week and motivated to participate in various coding competitions.  He loves the group projects and I think Kodekiddo provides a fantastic learning experience for him.

Bu Lucynda, parent

I like KodeKiddo because it seems to help me in my school computer lesson where I need to use scratch and it is also interesting. I also learned alot of new things like Tynker and Code Monkey. I like where the teachers teach me in the way I understand and enjoy the lesson. But I think the best experience that I have is Meeting Sphero and Ollie. I really like sphero because it could change color and I could also make shapes with it. 😊

Clarrisa, student (11 years old)

My son, Marcel, 7yo, currently enrolled in coding for SD. He enjoys the lesson and always looking forward going there. I could see him improving his coding skills thanks to the fun learning at kodekiddo.

Bu Inge, parent

Kodekiddo can improve creativity and logical thinking with fun and easy way of learning.

Samuel Yudhistira, student (7 years old)

Kodekiddo bisa membuat coding menjadi fun dan menyenangkan serta diperkenalkan dengan sangat kreatif sehingga anak-anak dengan senang hati mempelajarinya. – parent of Fay (13 yo) and Lyv (10 yo).

Bu Yoshi, parent

KodeKiddo is a great place to start learning coding. My son, Bintang Timurlangit (14 yo) enjoy it very much 😊

Elizabeth Tata, parent