Hackathon (also known as hackfest) is an event where programmers and other parties involved in software development collaborate to create a software project within a short period of time (usually within 24 hours). Hackathon has been help in various locations, especially for college and high school kids, with the purpose of introducing programming, support collaboration, and a media where companies look for qualified candidate for job openings.

Inspired by the hackathon, KodeKiddo held KiddoHack which is a mini hackathon within 5 hours period for children age 9-15 years old. In this event, the kids build a team and learn to work together to come up with an idea, make the design, and program the project with Scratch platform. After the project is completed, the kids presented the results to the judges. As part of the activity, the kids also worked on solving questions related computational thinking and programming.

KiddoHack Bandung

KiddoHack Jakarta