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Saya senang dengan Kodekiddo karena anak saya juga senang belajar disana, kata anak saya les nya seru dan tidak membosankan. Gurunya helpful dan sabar, semoga Kodekiddo punya product online course yang lain karena Online Course sangat helpful buat orang tua dan anak, lebih efisien, dan tidak kalah dengan tatap muka langsung.

Bu Devi, parent of Naila, grade 7th

Having a computer science degree made me think that being fluent in programming and knowing how to operate computers well are important.

I had hired computer programmer with teaching experience to teach my children how to use computers, basic scratch and basic photo/video editing. A private one-on-one with a computer programmer is expensive and does not give me good enough result as there is no specific programming curriculum.

I had also tried sending my children to summer coding class camp in Singapore. The camp course was too rushed for both of my kids. The hours were too long to retain their attention spans.

I like kodekiddo online program as it allows them to have comfortable lessons at home ( avoiding Jakarta’s horrible traffic, less time wasted for me to send them back and forth ) and kinda forced my academically challenged older daughter to be more independent and to pay attention. The shorter yet consistent hours mean the teachers could be assured of their attention spans as well as the allowance to let them learn at their own paces.

My girls love kodekiddo classes, they usually “extend” their lesson time by doing an extra hour or two on their computer after the lesson.
The last trip we had, they brought along their laptops and enjoyed their lessons during the holiday.

Bu Sheilla, parent of Emelyn (grade 4) and Eunice (grade 6)


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