Student Showcase

tynkerOn this page we showcase some of the cool projects from the kiddos.
Kids, if your projects are posted here you can ask for extra points!

Project SpaceVenture- Scratch Story

Ivander Iswahyudi – SMP grade 7
Space Venture
Play and Enjoy !

Project Fighting Game – Scratch

Bintang Timurlangit  & Arkka Dhanendra – SMP grade 8
Bear & Cat Game
Play a game of fight between the Bear and Scratch Cat.

Project Chasing Game – Scratch

Bryant James – SD grade 6
Chasing Game
Control your character by using arrows up, down, left, right to run away from the chaser before its life ended. Try to survive as long as you can.

Project Undersea Arcade – Tynker

Timothy Darrell Darmadja – SD grade 2
Undersea Arcade

Play arcade game where the fish shoot bubbles to the sharks.
Use arrows up and down to control the fish.

Milestone 1 for SD 1: Geometric Shapes – Tynker

Theo Nathaniel Haslim – SD grade 3
Milestone 1: Geometric Shapes
Click the characters to make them draw various geometric shapes.

Milestone 1 for SD Advanced: Geometric Pattern – Tynker

Samuel Yudhistira – SD grade 6
Milestone 1: Pattern
Click the characters to make them draw interesting patterns.

Milestone 1 for SMP: Fraction – Scratch

Ganesha Revananta – SMP grade 7
Milestone 1: Fraction
Interact with the characters to draw the representation of fractions. Use the drawing to compare the size of two fractions.

Project Pet Simulator – Tynker

Kenneth – SD grade 5
Pet Simulator
Click the various objects to the pet (the silly egg) to see how it reacts. 

Project Peep Nature Walk – Tynker

Vincent Jordan Lim – SD grade 3
Peep Nature Walk
Make things show up or disappear depending on where Peep is walking.
Click on the mushroom, bunny, and other characters when you see them.

Project Interactive Scene – Tynker

Cornelius Jabez Lim – SD grade 4
Interactive Scene
Use arrows Up, Down, Left, Right to control the little knight. Watch other characters react to collisions.

Project Taco Catcher – Scratch

Ivander Iswahyudi – SMP grade 7
Taco Catcher
Press ‘a’ to move left; and ‘d’ to move right. Press ‘m’ & ‘n’ to turn the music on & off. Catch the tacos before the time is up !

Project Endless Balloon – Unity

Bryant James – SMP grade 7
Endless Balloon
Pop all the Balloons !

Project Game – C++

Samuel Yudhistira – SMP grade 7
Game Project
Defeat the enemies by choosing the actions.