STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

KiddoSTEM Holiday Program 2022

Program populer ini kembali lagi untuk mengisi waktu Kiddos di saat Liburan Sekolah 2022!!!

Program untuk kiddos TK - SMP dengan 3 level berbeda.

Hadir dengan berbagai topik STEM untuk setiap Minggu. Kiddos membuat Projects, Hands-on-Experiments setiap sesi yang hasilnya bisa dibawa pulang oleh setiap murid.

Materi bahasa Inggris, dengan instruksi bilingual (bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia).

Kiddos akan didampingi Full time oleh Instruktur KodeKiddo yang berpengalaman.

jadwal KiddoSTEM
Holiday Program

Jadwal KiddoSTEM Holiday Program :
13 - 17 Juni 2022
20 - 24 Juni 2022
27 Juni - 01 Juli 2022
04 - 08 Juli 2022

Early bird discount untuk pendaftaran sebelum 22 Mei 2022

Jika ada pertanyaan, silakan hubungi:

Online dan Offline

Kelas online dilakukan secara live dengan platform Zoom Pro.

Kelas offline dilaksanakan di center KodeKiddo yang menyediakan program ini.

Biaya program antara Rp. 600rb - 650rb,
sudah termasuk biaya material untuk tiap project (yang dikirimkan via post untuk pilihan online)

KiddoSTEM Holiday Program

Holiday Theme Park

Wild Wild West

Welcome to KiddoSTEM Holiday theme park. We wil begin our fun journey in the park, starting on this Wild Wild West Zone. Do you know that Theme Park is full of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? Yes, the rides, the infrastructure, design, even getting the visitor coming in and have fun need calculation. In this zone we will have fun designing, building and playing some games, just like the cowboy! Get ready and get some fun from aiming the target, shooting and understanding the parabolic path for more accurate shoot. 

Do you know the different between accuracy and precision shoot?

Over the Moon

Let’s move to another zone. How about we fly to the space? How do people go tho the moon? What is there in the moon? Explore the space, get to know the use of constellation. Is it Myth? We are gong to explore the moon too using our moon rover. 

Tighten your seatbelt and blast off!

Jungle Bonanza

Time to explore the jungle. In this Jungle Bonanza Zone, we will working on the bridge to cross a river and raft too. Can you imagine living in the jungle or explore one? What would you do if you are the jungle explorer? Remember, we are in the theme park, so have fun and play same games to earn points!

Under the Sea

The last zone on KiddoSTEM Holiday Theme Park. Under The Sea. Who does not like exploring the sea? Do you think sea water is more dense than your drinking water? How could that heavy shark swimming around the ocean without sinking? Do you think engineers were getting the idea of making the submarine from observing how the fish can explore under the sea? Let’s find out the answer in this part of theme park and get ready to have lots of fun making and playing the games. Enjoy…..

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KiddoSTEM Holiday Program 2022..!!!