CodeQuest 2019 Competition

The CodeQuest is a programming competition from Grok Learning using Blockly and Python open for all school students from all of the countries. The competition started on Monday, 28th October 2019 until Sunday 1st December 2019, when the kiddos completed a set of challenges every week.

The students from various KodeKiddo centers participated in this CodeQuest 2019. The results of the competition have now been released, and 26 students from KodeKiddo reached the top of the leader board! Great works kiddos!

Congratulations for all the kiddos who made it to the leader board as the top performers! Below is the excerpt of the Leader Board.

Download the complete list of students in the Leader Board here:

CodeQuest 2019 Results

Sample certificate for the Perfect Score from one of our kiddos.

Learn coding with block codes as well as with text-based coding using Python programming language by joining this competition next time. In KodeKiddo, all of our students get the opportunity to participate in international coding competition so that they can apply what they learned and improve their skills too!

Some sample questions from the competition:

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